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I'm Polly Cummings, I'm a UX/UI designer with a desire to improve user experiences for everyone through Accessible and Inclusive design. A lifelong learner, I'm always seeking ways to grow as a designer through understanding people and how user experiences can be improved for everyone through good design. Through recent study I've acquired a UX design specialism, with a focus on user-centred design principles and a special interest in Accessibility and Inclusivity, together with deep knowledge of the latest UX methodologies, activities and tools.

Having recently graduated from a UX Bootcamp with Coders Guild, I'm keen to start my UX career.
I'm currently seeking a permanent UX design role in order to take the next step in my career. 

MY CV for my qualifications, skills and experience. 


MY PROCESS including user research and . 

MY PORTFOLIO for all recent UX projects and student case studies.

Happy to discuss any UX design role or project - so get in touch!



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