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GRAPHIC design & ART

Original graphic design & digital artwork created in Illustrator and Photoshop.
One-off portraits in collage using recycled magazines, newsprint and acrylics.

All images © pollinatecreate

Oakblue logo

Iteration of logo design for Oak Blue

Oakblue logo/web header

Graphic for web header incorporating logo and image.

Chapel Allerton Pilates logo

'Pilates begins with your feet!' Joe Pilates' quote inspired the idea to use feet for the Chapel Allerton Pilates logo. Circle used as a simple container but is also a reference to a piece of Pilates equipment.

Chapel Allerton Pilates web header

Early iteration for web header for CAP website.

Joni's Soul artwork

Joni's Soul artwork iteration

Jonis Soul CD cover

EP CD cover artwork final

Jonis Soul on-disc
Bugalu Foundation CD artwork

Band EP/CD artwork final

Bugalu Foundation EP artwork idea

EP artwork iteration

Bugalu Foundation artwork idea

EP artwork iteration

GS Heron: Pieces of a Mag

Study for GS Heron portrait: 'Pieces of a Mag' Collaged from recycled magazines and newspaper

Nina Simon study for larger portrait

Study for Nina Simone portrait in collage using recycled magazines

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye portrait, acrylic on canvas 2009

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