So it's with this quote in mind that every design begins with a three-step process that follows the core principles of user-centered design;

Step One: Discovery User Research
Conducting user interviews, analysis of user needs, creation of personas, user flow diagrams and journey maps. This first step of the design process is critical to understanding the needs of the user and forms the basis for all user-centered design.  

Step Two: Sketch & Iterate
Just pen and paper outline of initial ideas. A method I like to use is Crazy Eights (see image below) to rapidly generate and capture ideas in a set amount of time. The next step is further iteration with lo-fi wireframe sketches, worked up alongside user-flows and journey maps. Only after the first three steps of the process are complete will I put down the pen and begin developing designs in digital format.


Step Three: Prototype & Test
I'll then turn to Sketch to begin creating hi-fi wireframes and from there I'll move on to developing prototypes with InVision. The testing process should run parallel to each step to enable improvements to the UI,  ensuring the user needs identified in step one, are always being met.

"Good Design is About Process, not Product" 

credit: Jared Sinclair 

Taskd 1.png
taskd 3.png
Taskd 2.png
Taskd 4.png


Click link below to view wireframe via InVision

Wireframe for a listings app aimed at families with young children. The thinking behind this app was to provide location-based community reviewed listings of child friendly venues, activities and services aimed at children under 10 y/old. 

Associated documents view as pdf in new window:

Toddle - User Research
Toddle - Competitor Analysis

Toddle - User Personas/MVP Doc

Toddle - Sketches/Iterations by User
Toddle - User Testing: Persona #1

Toddle - User Story flow diagram

Toddle - Moodboard

Below: a user persona created for Toddle following user research showing demographic, profile, technology used and the goals identified as being most important to them when using an app like Toddle.